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Meet Kim

Kim with her friend June, a Rat Terrier

Born in Bellevue Washington, but raised in Livermore California, Kim’s childhood encompassed the blessings of a stay at home mother and a father who worked tirelessly to provide all that was needed. Shuffled between ice skating lessons, dance class, and clarinet practice there was little time for anything else. In high school thoughts of becoming a veterinarian crossed her mind, but that kind of education was expensive, nor did Kim have the patience to endure another eight years of studies.

With college out of the question, she joined the Army Reserves to become a graphic specialist. A few months after her training, she transferred over to the Army National Guard with an MOS (Military Occupational Skill) in flight operations. During that time she married a fellow soldier, but it was short lived, due in part to a spiritual experience in 1994 that shifted her views on life.

Shortly afterwards, with her way of thinking altered, Kim became a vegetarian and had an unexplained urge to write a novel. However, it was not until moving to Missouri in the year 2000, that her vision for a book gained clarity. Working as a letter carrier since 1988, the harsh reality of seeing dogs on chains, in the north side neighborhoods of Springfield Missouri, struck a chord in the future writer. Picking up a pen in the fall of 2005, she started writing and never looked back.

After an amicable split from her long time fiancé at the end of 2007, getting the novel published became her mission. Early on she received positive feedback from an established publishing house, but when the economy took a turn for the worse, they dropped the potential deal. In a bizarre twist of fate, the aspiring author suffered from a stroke in the spring of 2008, and underwent heart surgery later that same year.

Her close brush with death only further enhanced her drive to get the novel published. Sending dozens of queries to agents and publisher’s the endless notes of rejection left her down, but not out. Knowing that the message regarding the plight of animals and the earth was too important to shelve, Kim established Seot Publishing. Her debut novel, “Moon Shadow and the Keeper of the Canines” has been well received.  You can check out the readers’ comments by clicking here.

Kim currently lives in a rural area outside of Springfield Missouri. She balances life as a letter carrier, writer, and caretaker of her many four legged friends. Her parents reside at the Lake of the Ozarks, and she also has a brother and sister in-law who live in California.

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