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Moon Shadow and the Keeper of the Canines

Truth, it is something we all want to believe exists, it is also something that often eludes us. Imagine for a moment, that beyond Earth, intangible forces direct events as if humans were mere puppets on strings. Now imagine, that the prophecy of a man returning as the savior of our planet is false, but that the redeemer is already here embodied in a dog. Moon Shadow is that special canine.

Chosen by the guardians of the Crystal plane, Moon Shadow is the light to a greater truth. Teaming up with Feather, a rookie guardian angel, the two form a partnership to do battle against the evil forces of the Obsidian plane. Moon Shadow’s journey takes her from the hell of a puppy mill, to life with a neglectful and abusive family, before eventually finding freedom on the streets of a Midwestern city. After a brief taste of independence, she is captured. Her captor is a scarred and despicable man, but when she uses her new found powers to save his soul, she knows that her path of destiny has started. However, Feather runs into trouble. Entranced by a rogue angel called Simon, the naïve spirit loses sight of her mission. Eventually learning of his wicked ways, she tries to expose his lies, as well as keep Moon Shadow safe. It is the beginning of a saga pitting good against evil. Moving through time and space with loads of exciting characters, ranging from the quirky squirrels, Bob and Earl, the sinister minion Zoot, his evil boss Slag, to the enlightened Creator Harmony, “Moon Shadow and the Keeper of the Canines” is the quintessential wake up call for humanity. Here is a short excerpt of the novel to give you a taste of the story……

Back on Earth, Moon Shadow tried calming her fears as she surveyed the new surroundings. Now out of the smoky car, she could sense the negative energy that emanated from the multitude of cats lounging on the front porch of the house. They spied her with evil eyes and an air of superiority. Weeds grew where grass should have been, while dozens of empty cat food cans littered the yard and produced a stench akin to death. Above it all, buzzing flies presented themselves as the true rulers of the Cruise household, with their constant biting and bombardment of anything that moved.

Tawna squeezed Shadow tight, as she tromped to the pit of a house. Her sweaty body pushed through the thicket of weeds like an explorer on safari. “Daddy, we’re home,” she yelled, entering the dwelling.

“Girl, I tol’ you not to scream,” Cole Cruise bellowed.

“Sorry Daddy,” she uttered, in a much softer voice. “It’s just that we finally found a dog.”

Karla followed closely behind, and immediately noticed her husband’s sour mood. “Now Cole, before you go hav’n a fit about the dog, let me jus’ say she was dirt cheap and has papers.”

Cole’s hardened gaze penetrated Shadow, who was trying to nuzzle her head under the girl’s arm; for as much as she did not like Tawna the sight of this man scared her to death. The aura around him was the blackest she had ever seen, so dark it almost completely obscured his physical body.

“Give ‘er to me,” he ordered. Tawna handed the trembling pup over to her father. He grabbed the petrified canine underneath the front legs, turning her back and forth, the force of his strong clutch hurt, Moon Shadow started whining, and then…she peed. “What the hell!” Without hesitation, he snatched the nap of her neck, and threw her out the back door like a bag of trash.

Tumbling down the concrete stairs, her head smashed into the last step and knocked out a tooth. Lying for a moment, dazed and in pain, she thought about her mother and the story of the guardians. If they truly do exist, I need them now.

Even though just a pup, she possessed a strong spirit and an iron will. Her mouth throbbing and bloody, she got up and hobbled over to the fence. Slowly making her way around the yard, she searched for a way to escape. Finding nothing, she decided to rest under the only tree in the dismal backyard. As she fell asleep to the filtered sound of yelling coming from inside the house, shear exhaustion kept her from thinking about the dire turn her life had taken.

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