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Voice – 11/25/2014

Voice. Should one be afraid to use their voice when they feel they are being unjustly treated? Justice. Is there such a thing? Law. Who’s law? Should it be followed? Death. Is death the outcome we could all expect someday by not following laws? Order. Can there be such a thing? Peace. Is it possible on this planet?

Sickness grips my heart as I struggle with what it is that humans do when they feel they are being duped. Is one life worth that of another? Is it okay to rob and beat and expect zero consequences? Should death be a consequence by taking such actions? No, but should brute force on another individual be acceptable?

The animal nature of humanity plays out across the plains of this world everyday. All too often there is little humanity in humans. What does that mean anyway? A species intent on destroying each other and the sacred land that they walk upon is a tragedy.

If love could truly prevail none of this would be going on; it wouldn’t have happened in the first place. From the root to the tip of the last leaf, if the environment is right a tree will flourish. But if there are toxins in the soil the roots will not take hold and the tree will struggle to survive. It might grow, but it will be bent and ugly. To say it is never too late to save the tree would be a lie, some are beyond repair. However, some can be saved, if they are nurtured and loved.

It is not complacent to simply reflect. Reflection to hold peace in your heart and send out the vibration of love, accompanied with the hope that a wakefulness will envelop the collective before more damage is done.

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  • Bill Clark November 26, 2014, 9:29 pm

    Very good, thought provoking ideas. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

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