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Itsy Bitsy Spider – 8/3/2014

A book under my arm and a cup of tea in my hand, I decided to sit outside and enjoy the cool morning. After reading for a few minutes I looked up and noticed two spider webs. Each spider had their magnificent house secured in a separate bush. I continued reading, but glanced up again when something tickled my subconscious to do so. One of the spiders had an intruder in its web. If it had been an insect, the spider would have moved down to paralyze its victim. However, it was another smaller spider. The spider obviously knew this and started to move in such a way that shook the entire web. Soon, the little spider lost its grip and fell off. The larger one triumphantly moved back to its center point. I could almost feel the contentment coming off of the creature as it reveled in its victory.

Now that may seem like a lot of information to receive from watching a spider, but it is exactly what pushed me to sit down and write this morning. Lately I have been picking up extreme sadness and anger from people. Yesterday, while working, I watched an argument between a man and a women explode into physical contact. Sending my own energy by a mere look, it was enough to break their frightening public display; almost as if I reached out and slapped them with my eyes. I probably appeared like I was going to march over there and do something. I thought about it, but changed my mind. Being in uniform puts certain restrictions on my freedom as an individual. The point is, that by sending intense thoughts in their direction, it broke their frenzy. Even if it was just for a moment, it was enough to make them pause. When I came out of the building, they were gone.

This brings me back to the spiders. What was it that initially made me aware of their presence? If the world is made up of nothing but energy and everything is connected, then I am attached to the spiders just as much as to the people who were fighting. Right now in the Middle East, Crimea, and countless other regions (the United States included) there is an endless siege of violence. Fueled by fear and anger over territory and religion, it currently seems like folks have lost their ever loving minds. Notice that phrase, ‘ever loving mind’? Kind of ironic, don’t you think? If everyone was ‘ever loving’ there wouldn’t be any of this senseless slaughter, discrimination, and deprivation of humankind.

My message from the spiders is two fold. One is about strength of will. The spider who shook, defended its position without physical confrontation and got the result it needed. The spider on the other bush continued to mind its own business and stayed put in its own web, because the war being waged by its neighbor had nothing to do with him. Do I need to say more? Perhaps we could learn something from these two spiders. The second point is about that invisible energy. Perhaps if we all started carrying peace in our hearts and projecting kindness into the ether, regions filled with terror would pick that up and respond in kind. Impossible? I don’t think so, but then again, I have a lot of faith in the unseen powers that wield in our universe.

The last tidbit I’d like to suggest is this…..turn off your TV. Most of what main stream media reports to the masses is garbage. Feeding you lies that fit an agenda is how they create panic and further unrest. It goes back to my last post about freedom. By creating more scary scenarios the governments will continue to exercise more restrictions over the people. Nurture and love what is under your influence and forget the rest. Yes, really. What are you going to do, hop on a plane, fly over there and make a difference? Is everyone in the USA going to revolt on Washington to get the changes they seek? Nope, not going to happen, at least not yet, so tend to your own backyard. And when I say that, I mean to yourself as an individual. Once you’re grounded and whole, extend yourself to others and your local community, if that is what you choose. Be a light that lifts through kindness. However, if you must take a stand to defend yourself and the ones you love, be ready to do so. It sounds like a contradiction, and I suppose it is, but until enough of us walk in the light we will always have to defend against the dark. If every single one of us had peace within ourselves, where we stood, then there would be peace on Earth. It really is that simple.

My blog may seem to spin the same message each time in a slightly different way, but I am hoping that for each post that reaches someone new, it may be the one that wakes them up to a larger truth. Defining exactly what that is in human terms is difficult, because in effect so many people have been brainwashed by simply living on this planet. Perhaps one day I’ll be given the words.

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  • Jeff August 3, 2014, 3:51 pm

    Really open my eyes and quite an inspiration to embrace what you’re experiencing first hand. I really enjoyed this read. Thank you

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