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What Are the Readers Saying?

This book is not for the weak hearted…the concept behind the story really hits home. I not only enjoyed the story, and can’t wait for the sequel, but I have seriously been enlightened on how the world can be so cruel. This book is definitely a must read, and should be taken to heart.  ~Vanessa Stewart

I can’t say enough how moving this book was to me. This new found author who has found a way to pull at your heartstrings and has me looking at my cats and dog with a little more curiosity these days. Her book brings to light many questions, I was tearful and happy and sad. I cannot wait for the next book. A big thank you , Kim, for having the courage to step outside the box; much admiration to you for putting yourself out there. A very tender story and much needed to be told.  ~Tonya Panzica

I enjoyed your story. I was a little concerned about the belief systems and parallels to the bible at first. I thoroughly enjoyed the story though, and the reminders of viewing things from an animals point of view. Even those of us who have pets and feel like we treat them pretty well, could spend more quality time with them. Thanks Kim!!  ~Julie Crawford McAninch

My husband and I believe that Kim has successfully raised a much needed awareness of the connection that we, both human and animal, share on this planet. Everything has a purpose and many humans have missed the true intentions of our Creator’s message. Humans have the ability and must open their hearts and minds in many avenues of their lives. We could do so much better and in return will be so much better. Looking forward to the next book.  ~Teresa Monares

Very clever approach to good vs. evil from the awareness of canines in captivity…Lots of exciting characters and parallels that make it familiar and yet new as you discuss topics that many don’t dare to shake a stick at… I liked the happier ending and the deep twist of how all pervasive the reality of creation truly is.  ~Marybeth Yildirm

I’m loving the book! It’s hard to stop reading once you get started.  ~Trever Mizer

Open your hearts and minds and READ THIS BOOK because it is AMAZING! Kim thank you for putting your heart and soul into this lovely book.  ~Joan Heibel Caldwell

I LOVE this book!! Can’t put it down!! You did a GREAT job!!!!  ~Stephanie Paden Appleby

I gave this book to my granddaughter she LOVES it! When I told her it was a series, she flipped out! She can’t wait for the next book. Great job!!!!  ~Pula Kimball Whitney Grigg

Absolutely loved the book; can’t wait for the next one. It was a beautiful story… soon everyone will now what a great author you are.   ~Misty Bryson

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  • Mark Poag April 5, 2012, 7:46 pm

    The first part of the book was easy to put down. The introduction of additional characters and their interaction made it hard to stop reading. The last part of the book made it very hard to stop turning the page.

    I liked the way Kim portrayed canines and humans in their own environments and how they developed relationships with each other.

    The highs and lows of Shadow, Feather and Zoot were a pleasure to read. Frank, Kat and Amy left me wanting to live in their shoes for a day.

    Can’t wait for the sequel, you rock Kim.

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